Medicare Advantage Plans in Georgia

Medicare Advantage Plans in Georgia

Georgia offers medical expense coverages for senior citizens. All your medical bills can be covered by the healthcare policies. There are several policies available. Apart from the Original Medicare, there are Advantage plans available as well.

With more 300,000 Original Medicare beneficiaries having Medicare Advantage Plans in Georgia, the policyholders don’t have to give it out from their own pockets. This is indeed a great step towards a smoother medical expenditure, especially those with a limited budget.

Statistics of Georgia Medicare Advantage Plan

Before choosing any specific Medigap policy, look at some of the statistics.

  • Around million recipients are there for Georgia Medigap policy
  • 300,000 active Medicare Advantage Plan beneficiaries in Georgia
  • Almost 500,000 members enrolled with Georgia Medicare Advantage

More than 80% of the Original Medicare recipients in Georgia enhances their health care plans by enrolling in the Medicare Advantage Plans. The rest has coverage plans from government programs, jobs or unions. The Medicare Advantage Plans and the Medigap plans are two different programs, but both offer the same benefit of reducing the medical expenses that are not 100% covered by Original Medicare. People within Georgia have a different take on Medicare insurance. The Medicare Advantage Plans are popular Medicare plans because of the wide variety for doctors and network providers. There are others who opt for the Medicare Advantage Plans because of more flexibility.

5 most populated Georgia’s counties include:

  1. Fulton
  2. Gwinnett
  3. Cobb
  4. DeKalb
  5. Chatham

Applying for Medigap Plans

  • During the Initial Open Enrollment Period, you get a tenure of six months as the Guaranteed Enrollment Period
  • You have to enroll for Original Medicare Parts A and B during the first six months.
  • You are not entitled with any health related question and cannot be disqualified.
  • Disabled people under the age of 65 years might qualify for Medigap Plans.
  • The Employer Health Care Plan gets terminated
  • Non availability of any other Private healthcare plan
  • Moving outside the present coverage area

You can apply for any Medicare Advantage Plan in Georgia even when you are not eligible for any of the enrollment periods as mentioned above.

Calculating the premium rates

There are three methods.

Attained age

Since the rate is based on your current age, the premium increases as you age.

Issue Age

The premium cost will be based on the age when you first purchased the plan.

Community rated

The premium rates are not influenced by your age, but calculated based on your local area.

When compared with other states in the USA, the healthcare reimbursement costs are cheaper in Georgia.

The most popular and the best Medigap plans in Georgia

  • Plan F
  • Plan G
  • Plan N

Every insurance company will provide the same benefits, but differ in premium rates.

The flexibility of Georgia Advantage Plans

The flexibility of Georgia Medigap Plans makes it so popular among the people. Whether you are moving outside Georgia or seeking treatment outside the state anywhere in the US, the same Medigap Plan can be used. You just need to notify the insurance company regarding the change of address in case of relocation.  Choose your doctors and network of services without any bounded referrals.

Enrolling for the Medigap plans

It is recommended to compare the Medigap Plans online and pick the best policy. You can also seek the help from experienced Medigap specialists or call qualified agents to know more about the whole process.

Seeking additional senior financial aid

As a senior citizen, you can seek the aid of Extra Help programs, especially when you fall in the category of a low income group. Furthermore, the Senior Housing Assistance and the Georgia Department of Aging Services can be quite helpful as well.