Medicare Advantage Plans in Florida

Medicare Advantage Plans in Florida

Medicare Advantage Plans Medigap plans have been a blessing for the senior citizens. When all your medical expenses are not covered by the Original Medicare, the Medigap Plans come into the scenario. There are so many people using it in Florida. You can seek the benefits as well.

If you are facing a lot of challenges dealing with the uncovered expenses from your Original Medicare Parts A and B, Florida Medicare Advantage Plans can be quite an advantageous one. There are so many expenses that are left outside your Original Medicare, and this when the Medigap policies can be really beneficial for the people.

An overview of Florida’s Medigap policies

You must be enrolled with the Original Medicare Parts A and B in order to qualify for Medicare Advantage Plan in Florida. You must understand that the plans don’t cover the drug expenses. There is a separate Plan D for the coverage of drug prescriptions. There are 10 accessible Medigap Plans, that includes:


  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D
  • F
  • G
  • K
  • L
  • M
  • N

There are 17 private insurance companies in Florida that offer the 10 Medicare Advantage Plans. Every insurance company offers the same Medigap Plan benefits, but the rates might be different.

Enrollment statistics

  • As per 2015, there are more than 4 million Medicare policy holders in Florida.
  • 63 is the average age of retirement in Florida.
  • 70% of the Medigap beneficiary have their coverage via a private insurance company or their employer.
  • 40% of the Medicare population in Florida have Medicare Advantage Plan rather than Original Medicare.
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  • Plan F is the most popular Advantage policy in Florida, followed by Plans N and G.

Calculating premium rates

There are three most common methods to calculate the premium rates of Florida Medicare Advantage Plans.

Issue Age

The premium is based on the Initial Enrollment Period age. The premium doesn’t increase as you age.

Attained Age

The premium is calculated on the basis of your present age. The premium also increases as you age.

Community rated

Regardless of your age, the individuals in a community or region pays the same premium rate.

In Florida, Issue Age and the Community rated are the two methods that are usually used for calculating premium rates.

Does a location influence the Medicare Advantage rate?

The coverage benefits of Medigap Plans are standardized in Florida. The insurance companies can charge different premiums based on the location, within the state as well. For instance,in Florida’s county, Alachua, $9,592 is spent per enrollee. On the other hand, in Palm beach, $11,417 is spent by Medicare.

The most popular Medicare Advantage Plans in Florida

There are 10 Medicare Advantage Plans available in Florida. Out of the 10, there are 3 that are considered as the most popular. They are:

  • Plan F (a robust plan)
  • Plan G (popular among new buyers)
  • Plan N (cost effective plan)

Using Florida Medigap Plans in other states

The best part about Florida Medigap Policy is that it can be used anywhere else in the USA as long as it is accepted in your Original Medicare Plan. There is no need to limit access to referrals and within a network of providers. You can have the best treatment regardless of the location within the nation. No matter where you are travelling or shifting your base, the Florida Medigap policy can be utilized. You have to ensure that you are within the Guaranteed Issue Right.

Applying for Medigap Plan in Florida

The whole domain of Medicare Advantage Plans can be quite confusing, especially when you are new to it. You can come across a number of reviews and feedbacks on the same. This will help you to compare and select the best Medigap plan. Moreover, you can also seek the help from a Medicare specialist. If you fall under the category of low income group, the Extra Help for Low Income can be beneficial.

Upon receiving your retirement lump sum benefits, just consider investing in rental housing

Upon receiving your retirement lump sum benefits, just consider investing in rental housing

Rental housing is basically one of the best investment that the current world and generation is struggling to make. As a senior who has just retired, you need to make sure that you make rental housing one of the investment that tops your list of possible investments. For some, rental housing might seem expensive and an investment that needs a lot of funds. Yes, that is the reality but although you will save little or nothing at all, it will be worth it because of a number of reason that you will get to understand as soon as you read this article.

Rental housing has high returns

For those seniors who have tried their hands on rental housing, they have finally shared their reviews where they express the fact that rental housing is one of the best investment a senior can consider after retirement. The reason for this positive review is that upon completion, you are always assured of returns that comes as soon as the first tenant pay his/her monthly rent. In that case, you need to get quotes so visit here to consider Medicare plans and rental housing basically because of the fact that it is one of the investment that assures you of high yields.

Rental housing investment is a good source of long term profits

As soon as you retire and invest your retirement funds, you will actually be investing whatever is yours. This will not be an investment where you borrow then consider paying back after a certain period of time. This is an investment that is done purely from you money. With such an investment, you assured of earning your returns as soon as soon as you your houses are complete. On the other hand, considering that they are fixed assets, it is a source of long term profits. Seniors need to consider that because long term profits will be a source of income for the period you will be on this earth.

Rental housing in an investment that can be used as security when acquiring loans

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